Why Donate to SMCC?

Recent scientific studies have proven that music is able to boost mood as well as improve immune system functionality. By providing immunocompromised individuals with the opportunity to express themselves musically, we provide them with an avenue to improve their physical and mental health. Music has also been proven to release stress . Musical creativity provides an escape from the unique stressors placed on debilitated patients.

By providing mentoring services in the fashion and modeling industry, SMCC works to improve the confidence of individuals who often feel the least impressed with themselves. The team at SMCC believes that no one should feel as though they are unworthy or unattractive. Our mentors work with individuals one on one to boost confidence by providing information and skills that can be used to further one's career in fashion no matter their background. 

Each dollar donated to SMCC goes toward supporting the dream of an underprivileged individual. 

Whether you are interested in organizing a fundraiser for SMCC or becoming one our volunteer mentors, our team is eager to help you get started!

SMCC aims to cultivate creative abilities, teach valuable career lessons, and lower the stress endured by individuals with auto-immune disorders.